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Gemma Pardo – Artist


Born in Galicia, Spain, Gemma studied Film & Video and Fine Art at UAL and PGCE in Art & Design at Goldsmiths. Currently, she lives and works in London as a freelance artist, learning facilitator and lecturer. Her practice encompasses photography and video. Her video ‘Congo 1880′ was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007. Pardo had her first major commission from Film and Video Umbrella, ‘Finisterre’, which went on to form part of an exhibition touring with the works of Turner and Bonnington. In 2009, her work ‘Untitled’ was selected for the exhibition Latent Talent in Spain. Since then, she has collaborated with different artists and shown her work in several art galleries and museums around the world.


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  • Artist contribution to From the Sea To You exhibition in Poca Gallery (SP)
  • Sen limites installation shown in Hanmi Gallery, London (UK).
  • Talk in the Hanmi Gallery as part of Spanish Now! invited artist in London (UK).
  • Sen Limites installation shown in Veraneantes exhibition in the Museum Contemporary Art Vigo (SP).


  • From 2011 lecture in  Creative Media- Richmond Upon Thames College (UK).
  • From 2009 tutor/facilitator with Vital Regeneration (UK).
  • Open Studio as part of Spain Now! Festival in London (UK).
  • Recreation shown at Salon Flux in London (UK).
  • Untitled shown at Salon Flux in London (UK).


  • Congo 1880 shown at Rescue Plan exhibition in A Corunha (SP).
  • Recreacion shown at Creadoras Galegas de Imaxe in Novacaixagalicia (SP).
  • Untitled in Salon Flux London (UK).
  • Congo 1880 selected for Nuevas Realidades Video Political Festival touring in Museums and Galleries of several cities of Spain and America.
  • Colaboration with Rafa Prada in his video Expectations.


  • Teacher with agencies TRENT PEARCE/ITPER/GSL (UK).
  • Garden double channel video projection exhibited in Setimo premio in the Auditorio de Galicia Santiago de Compostela (SP).
  • Untitled (Dam) video projection in the MADATAC Mostra in Cinemateca Matadero Madrid (SP).
  • Untitled (imprint of memory) video projection in the Container Inside in the City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela (SP).
  • Editor and camera operator of LULU 8 performance directed by Elina Manni (Ocean Studios) London (UK).
  • Exhibit new collection ‘Around the Shore’ exhibited in Shoreditch Town Hall for the Open Gallery in London (UK).
  • Concrete Love video projection exhibited in the Shop and collaborator in the magazine HEY_HEY_HEY (UK).
  • Participant in Encontros de artistas novos ‘Cidade da Cultura’ in Santiago de Compostela (SP).
  • Photographs at Save Our Placards exhibition at Museum of London (UK).
  • Untitled at Festival International de la Imagen Maizales (Colombia).
  • Untitled (fruit) photograph shown at Trans Siberian Art Centre (Moscow to Beijing).
  • Finisterre video installation at Glynn Vivian Gallery (UK).
  • Untitled (Dam) at Liquid Cities and Temporary Identities (SP).


  • Exhibited the installation Temperature in ‘Engaging the False Mirror’ exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (USA).
  • Showed Congo 1880 at ‘Uncivilisation’ The Dark Mountain Project Festival (UK).
  • Exhibited Finisterre video installation commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Nottingham Castle Museum in the exhibition ‘Can Art save us?’ at Millennium Gallery Sheffield (UK).
  • Exhibited Untitled video installation at ‘Latent Talent’ exhibition, Santa Monica, Barcelona (SP).
  • PGCE teacher at Bethnal Green Academy (UK).
  • Facilitator in workshops in Fine Art and Design at Christ the King Sixth Form College (UK).


  • Facilitator participant at The Big Draw workshop at Goldsmiths University (UK).
  • PGCE teacher at Barnhill Community High Sixth Form College (UK).
  • Exhibited Finisterre video installation at Hastings Museum and Art gallery (UK).
  • Exhibited Untitled at ‘Latent Talent’ exhibition, Scan09 Tarragona (SP).
  • Exhibited Untitled in ‘El Cuarto Oscuro’ at Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) (SP).
  • Exhibited Finisterre video installation at Ferens Art Gallery (UK) commissioned by Film & VideoUmbrella and Nottingham Castle Museum (UK).
  • Made projections for the play ‘Au-delà de Psyché’ directed by Caroline Arragain (Paris, FR).


  • Made and exhibited the projections of Barcos and Untitled receive the 3rd prize award at ’20 Biennial d’Eivissa’ (SP).
  • Made and Exhibited Finisterre video installation commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Nottingham Castle Museum (UK)
  • Camera operator recording The Bell Boy by Albi Gravener at Play Ground Studios (UK).
  • Exhibited Congo 1880 and Untitled 1900 installations at ‘Grounds for Progress’ exhibition CCS Bard Galleries at Hessel Museum (New York- USA).


  • Video Congo 1880 exhibited ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007′ Corner house, Manchester (UK).
  • Video Congo 1808 exhibited ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007′ Rochelle School & Club Row, London (UK).
  • Video selected and exhibited ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2007′ The New Art Gallery Walsall (UK).
  • Exhibit videos projection Untitled at MA Fine Art Exhibition at School of Art at Central Saint Martins (UK).
  • Curator and coordinator of ‘Nosotras’ art group show in Zaragoza, (SP).
  • Showed videos Lo Siento, Prisoners in Paradise and Congo 1880 at ‘Video Cuts’ at Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow (UK).
  • Camera operator of ‘The Terrific Electric’ performance at the Barbican, London (winner of The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2006).
  • Curator and coordinator of ‘Nosotras’ art group show in Zaragoza (SP).
  • Showed video at ‘Video Cuts’ at Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow (UK).
  • Exhibit the double monitor installation Temperature in Fine Art Exhibition Art at Central Saint Martins (UK).


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