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Concrete Love

Concrete Love ( 2011) recorded in Heygate in South London. Heygate is a structure, an entity; a building with history, which reflects the history of London. It is no longer inhabited. It is almost vacant of people. The structure became a 70’s social housing icon and a safety barrier between the Elephant & Castle roundabout and its own 450 trees and gardens. The space and the building has desconstruted  its own utopic meaning. The Heygate’s future is dead, by demolition and construction. The video consists in a series of pictures and the video are the result of observation of places and a development of ideas through association, research and experience. At the moment the “concrete love” I focus on  is its present state. At first, what really caught my attention was the abundant nature it holds. I have tried to extend the idea of the Heygate estate, with its green utopian core and brutalist exterior to other communities and places. I have tried to play with the images and text in different, unexpected surroundings.