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Untitled is a video installation showing what looks like an industrial port, a vessel that this docking is partially. The point of view of the camera is the port itself, only one can see part of the structure of the ship, creating the impression that a heavy floating metal is made step in water; shipping it with their sound and still life, with such a heaviness. The ship with its resonance and rhythm produces sensations of pressure, exhaustion and anxiety. It produces the feeling of oppression that one feels when something much more large, somewhat inert, as the metal of the heavy ship that tries to take over our personal space and inevitably approaching. The video conveys the feeling of exhaustion, heaviness after a long trip. Fixed image explores the metaphor of travel and the weight, movement and load, reflecting sociological connotations, the sea as the territory of exploitation, environmental and commercial transactions. The journey has ended and the download begins, now what?, which brings the boat, as it has been the journey, where is coming from?

Untitled/Sin titulo is part of the permanent collection in the Museo de Arte Contempor√°neo de Eivissa

Untitled was selected for Latent Talent 09

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 15.42.04

Untitled in the exhibition Lalent Talent 09 in Tarragona

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Latent Talent 09


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